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Our New Employee Recruitment & Development (NERD) program is about preparing our future technology leaders for success by providing the best tools, knowledge, and access to leaders that will empower them to be the creators and innovators of tomorrow.

The Details...

The nine-month program hires new college graduates and gives them personalized onboarding, extensive training and development on technologies, and the soft skills required to be successful. NERDs have a host manager, a mentor, a buddy, a coach, and others who are dedicated to their success. NERDs get hands-on experiences to make them innovative and successful techies at Schwab.

Imagine four weeks after graduating from college, you are walking into your first day at an 32,000-employee company. Your desk, hardware, and peripherals are all set up and personalized for you. During your first nine months, you spend 15% of your time on training and development to equip you with the skills and technologies required. You spend the rest of your time working on real products and features. You are part of a cohort of other recent graduates, and there is a support team focused on your success. Envision being exposed to all of the company's products and services so you have a deeper understanding of your role and why it's so important.

This program is different from other onboarding programs in the industry because it focuses on the employee experience and equipping participants with the technology skills needed to succeed. The goal of the program is to ensure that the transition from college to work is as smooth as possible.

Advantages of the Program:

"The NERD program is an amazing opportunity to meet new people and to learn new skills in a more structured environment. They also provide a lot of opportunities for growth and that’s one of the main reasons I chose Schwab and the NERD program because of this 9-month training and opportunities to learn. It’s a nice ramp up to full-time work because it eases the transition, so it’s definitely something that could help launch your full-time career."

Victor M. Software Engineer I, Jun’20 Cohort

The NERD program’s cohort-based community allows individuals from all backgrounds and experiences to have a shared connection through learning, bonding, and growth opportunities.  Read more about our NERD graduates and ambassadors.                                                       

The NERD Program hires 3 cohorts per year: January, June, and September. Applications for the January 2022 cohort are now open.

If you are graduating in May, applications for the June cohort will open in February of 2022.

Apply to the NERD Program:

Software Engineering

Reliability Engineering

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