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We believe that strong risk management practices are fundamental to being the most trusted leader in investment services.

Schwab is continuing to build and strengthen our independent and integrated risk management program that supports delivery of predictable long-term financial and operational performance to support our clients, employees, and shareholders.

On our Risk and Regulatory teams, we empower employees to advise, collaborate with, and influence business partners with the goal of protecting and creating value for the firm and stakeholders. Here, we believe you can build a career worth owning.

What differentiates us

We’re passionate about protecting our clients’ data and privacy and building trust every day. Schwab is committed to ensuring that our clients and investors feel secure with us, and we have a robust team of talented individuals dedicated to executing an integrated strategy to help mitigate risk, safeguard our clients, and produce successful business outcomes.

Career progression

You have the opportunity to learn and grow within the many teams focused on risk management. One example of how you can do that is by participating in a career building opportunity. Through this program you are able to gain day in the life experience in another role to enhance your talents and passion to further your career goals.

In our highly competitive industry, Schwab’s Financial Risk Management teams manage risk properly through the right risk management theory, appropriate analytical tools, and, most importantly, reliable and verifiable data. – Debo, Managing Director, Risk Analytics & Modeling

Path to becoming a Schwabbie


Diversity and inclusion initiatives

Schwab has always been dedicated to building and maintaining a dynamic organization and culture that values and reflects the individual strengths of every employee. We understand that through diversity we gain a wider range of perspectives and experiences, which benefits everyone and enables us to support our business strategy of "seeing through clients’ eyes."

Our diversity and inclusion commitment

Our commitment to building an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued is part of what sets us apart. There are four key pillars to our approach:

  • Increasing Workforce Diversity, because talent comes from a broad spectrum of human qualities and strengths
  • Building on Our Inclusive Workplace, embracing an inclusive culture felt across the organization
  • Serving a Diverse Marketplace Needs, because leveraging our differences matters to our clients’ success
  • Supporting Communities, making a positive impact on the communities where we live and work

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